ING Artists is an agency with a twist.

Encouraging, radical self reliance among all our artists.

ING Artists is an agency with a twist. 

How so? Well, we line up the ducks, you shoot. 

We want to help actors help themselves, providing the opportunity to work together and manage the next steps of your career.

We wont be for everyone, we know that! BUT we do have a  really unique relationship with our actors. Based out of Theatre N16, our actors are given the opportunity to perform at our new writing night to an invited industry audience, as well as the rest of your stable-mates!

So, come and say hello! (Especially if you have a dog)




Michael is a working Actor/Writer/Director who doesn't like writing about himself. 

He's better at talking in person, and he really likes doughnuts. 

And dogs.





Jamie is a producer and theatre owner with a vast range of contacts throughout theatreland. Looking to break the offwestend, looking to step towards the West End, looking to make your own production into Dreamland? Well Jamie knows.





You are the main ingredient in this pie!  

We will work at your pace, in a direction that we have decided on together.

We will encourage you not to work "Hard" but to work "Smart".